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After working in architectural firms upon my graduation, I joined the Royal Ontario Museum as an Exhibition Designer. I had a full career at the ROM where I spent many years developing museum exhibitions and galleries in Art, Archaeology, and the Life Sciences. These projects were rich in scholarly research and in time certain subjects became my focus, such as Egyptian archaeology, and the Burgess Shale collection of marine fossils. Sometimes I would spend several years working on these exhibitions and galleries that were designed for a multi-generational and multicultural public, many involving fund-raising, and membership marketing. Alongside with my fulltime work at the ROM, I taught 4th year Design and Building Construction at OCAD,  the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Over the years, with the introduction of new technologies and the web, Exhibition Design evolved to include greater interactivity for the public. Communications and web design became my new focus, leading me towards my current activities in  digital communications strategy and social media for  Community Management and Sponsorship.

My recent work titled is a blog for public aquarium enthusiasts. It will include a multi-generational community of visitors, including students, educators, artists, ichthyologists, bloggers, members of the general public and various subject specialists. It will be informed by supporters for public aquariums and concerned environmentalists, allowing for a well-rounded and diverse representation of public opinion. It will showcase different aquariums from around the world including those that are under construction and those about to open to the public like the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and the Aquarium of Malta. It will be a blog for all who are curious about marine life.